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>>/b/2382 >>2361 oh hush
>>/b/2380 He was survived by his husband Lukas Hardin.
>>/b/2379 ==REST IN PEACE BRANDON ROBERT KELLEY== https://everloved.com/life-of/brandon-kelley/#key-details >Brandon Robert Kelley passe
>>/b/2378 brandon upload more videos https://youtube.com/watch?v=K2PoDPYhxnc
>>/b/2377 still not up?
>>/b/2376 ==3ch won== http://taozgyb2jfbj567lzvfjse4c2snsb37tq3o2iucflxqoilogwc6bx2qd.onion
>>/b/2375 >>2329 Oh, well, no idea, I only know how to make scrambled ones, haven't even tried anything else, so, I wouldn't know about t
>>/b/2373 you wish
>>/b/2372 this is an act of war, prepare for retribution. Btfo pictures beyond your comprehension will be posted
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